The National Institute of Strategic Global Studies (NISGS) aims at carrying out, in cooperation with the concerned sectors and institutions, analysis and prospective studies about strategic issues of national and international scenes.


These studies and analyzes are designed to detect, understand, explain factors and relationships playing a decisive role in political, economic, social and cultural action.

In terms of analysis, study and research, NISGS shall:

  • carry out prospective studies about society and its evolution by the light of parameters structuring both internal dynamic and the one of international relations. It makes, from this perspective, an overall assessment of issues related to political, economic, cultural, scientific and technical development.
  • undertake studies and research related to national and international environment evolution. In this regard, it shall analyze the strategies of Algeria’s various actual or potential partners as well as their consequences on the country development and security.
  • go thoroughly into a reflection in the field of international relations and issues concerning defense and security, regarding their progress and involvement in national and international Algeria policy.
  • carry out studies about sciences and technology progress, their impact and role in multiform development.

These works are included in a global step designed to clarify and identify the action’s possibilities or means for anticipating, facing up to events, and boosting any initiative to protect the national interest.

The NISGS is autonomous in terms of work realization, the choice of followed methods, to manage them and formulate their results.

In the documentary field, the institute is responsible for constituting and managing a data bank designed to carry out its missions.



Within this framework:

  • It systematically collects, centralizes, processes and exploits documentation with a national or international character and makes it available for the concerned operators.
  • Is entitled to ask the public administrations and agencies for all necessary documents, studies or information to realize these works, according to laws and regulations in force.
  • It is considered, under his request, as a recipient of any document, study and research carried out by public institutions and interesting its activity’s field;
  • constitutes and develops specialized documentary fund in relation to its object, updates data, draw up bibliographies related to the studies themes, scheduled researches and develop any document necessary for its activity;
  • Establishes, in terms of documentation, exchanges with similar national or foreign bodies.

In the field of information and publication, the Institute is charged of:

  • Drawing up and publishing reports and synthesis about any kind of facts and situations whose the importance is directly or indirectly liable to affect the evolution of national or international economic situation;
  • Conceiving, implementing an autonomous publishing system, ensuring research and documentation diffusion, conference papers, seminars and conferences that would be held.
  • Collecting information through its participation in national and international conferences.
  • Establishing exchanges in terms of publications with national and foreign research centers;
  • Conceiving and publishing periodically scientific publications.

The institute can organize:

  • Improvement and retraining courses in the fields in which it is concerned: Meetings, seminars, conferences, national and international conferences related to its object.

It can also:

  • develop cooperation programs with similar foreign bodies;
  • Attend meetings and national or international activities relevant to its field of activity.