1 The semiconductors sector in Algeria: which strategic options of development?
2 The social state helps to social vulnerable categories: analysis of the applicable legal arsenal
3 The problematic of financing houses in Algeria.
4 The concept of globalization by the light of geopolitical changes
5 Global economic strategy for a change of growth system in industrial firms.
6 Natural disasters in Algeria: what insurance system’s contributions on reducing damage costs?
7 The issue of the Algeria’s cereal seed sector
8 The assessment of the Algerian education system’s quality.
9 The assessment of efficiency level of internal performance assigned to the Algerian education system
10 Young graduates and the employment market in Algeria
11 The proliferation of private schools: Is it a teaching assimilated to trade?
12 An approach of violence phenomenon in stadiums and sports fanaticism
13 The movement of people’s protest in the Arab world: reasons, processes and perspectives