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INESG organized two days of studies on the theme "Development of Shadow Areas - Green Dam, Opportunities for a Sustainable Development Strategy for the new Algeria" .

19 April 2021

Within the framework of the cycle of meetings "International Confluences" organized by the National Institute of Global Strategy Studies (INESG), Dr Ilyes Baghli, moderated a conference on the theme: "Integrative medicine at the service of the therapeutic, global multidimensional, holistic and personalized approach ”.

18 November 2020

As part of the thematic round tables organized by the National Institute for Global Strategy Studies (INESG), Dr. Nassim IKHLEF, teacher - researcher and expert in sea law, moderated at INESG on Wednesday 23 September 2020, at 1.45 p.m. a round table on the theme ...

24 September 2020

As part of the “International Confluences” meeting cycle organized by the National Institute for Global Strategy Studies (INESG), Mr. François Heisbourg, Special, Advisor to the Foundation for Strategic Research in Paris and former President of the London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) will host a conference on:“New American vision of the world”.

26 February 2019

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What are the real main determinations provoking interethnic conflict which has shook the Mzab Valley? To answer, we are obliged to borrow an oddly itinerary, which makes the way from philosophy to anthropology, transiting through economy, history and political geography.

To avoid the pangs of protest and violence witnessed by some Arab countries, Morocco has chosen, as a challenge, to introduce a homogeneous society based on the principles of participation, pluralism and good governance.

There is a paradox in Algeria. In fact, the largest country in Africa, in the Arab world and the Mediterranean Sea, holding significant natural and human resources, with the 27th army in the world among 126 inventoried nations, in addition of an ideal geographic situation in the Europe,

A mysterious hacker, under the pseudonym of Chris Coleman called "the Makhzen phantom", published confidential documents of the Foreign Affairs, cooperation and Moroccan intelligence service Department. The content of those disclosured documents are exposed under the following headings: