of study and research. Like other worldwide think tanks, NISGS implements research programs, organizes conferences and round tables handling with wide topics related to strategic and geopolitical issues faced by Algeria.
Geographically, our activities affect all geopolitical regions with which Algeria interacts: the “Middle East North Africa” region (MENA), the Sahel-Saharan Strip, the Sub-Saharan Africa, the European Union, the United States, Asia, etc. Transversal issues contain security traditional issues, the international economy, energy, climate, organized crime, issues of migration. The NISGS is so a space of analysis and strategic looking out, whose the main mission is to study and anticipate the turnarounds of major geostrategic and geopolitical trends impacting on the Algeria’s present and bear upon its future.

The NISGS is open – minded about all national skills residing in Algeria and / or abroad. It mainly aims at favoring the integration of our country into the dynamics of global scientific research.
The opening of this site is accessible to all Internet users, academics, researchers and experts, as an invitation to participate in strategic and prospective reflection about the issues faced by Algeria. One condition is required: respect for academic standards and requirements of scientific objectivity.

Dr. Liess Boukra
The Managing Director of NISGS