M. Majed NEHME

The Syrian conflict is a topical burning issue, hard to deal with it. There are so many developments, occurring every day that it represents the total uncertainty. It is also advisable to restore the historical facts without taking, at face value, falsehood or the mainstream media stereotypes. One of the first media-lies of this war is "the story of a peaceful and democratic revolution" that would have turned to armed insurrection because of ultraviolent behavior of security services against unarmed and peaceful demonstrators. A told fable, at the beginning of the crisis, which unfortunately continues, but has not resisted against the facts.

The Syrian conflict is a scheduled war. This is a fabricated libanisation which combined all the elements. The West, like the Gulf monarchies and Turkey, has till now lost its bet because everyone has bet on a rapid regime’s fall - from three to six months - all these calculations and bets are vain as the system lasts till now. Everyone, today, understand that there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict, that political Syrian opposition called "moderates" does not exist and will have not a weight even if it exists.

The Syrian scene is now dominated by two groups ruling the roost: the Front of Al Nosra (the official subsidiary of Al-Qaeda in Syria) and ISIL being born in Iraq and controlling the great part of Syria. We are so far from a democratic, peaceful and reformist opposition aiming at changing the regime. All these groups, « including the moderate ones » are more or less fundamentalists changing easily camps. We so understood the risk if Syria would be delivered to these groups.

Everyone has an interest in the end of this situation, there is an agreement, but the Westerners wish that this transition would take place without El Assad. The Russians and the Chinese continue to say:  "This is a Syrian matter, if elections are democratic, Syrians will choose their leader “. We face a big negotiation which doesn’t reveal its name. However, it witnesses a great progress.