THE NISGS 05 (2015)

A mysterious hacker, under the pseudonym of Chris Coleman called "the Makhzen phantom", published confidential documents of the Foreign Affairs, cooperation and Moroccan intelligence service Department. The content of those disclosured documents are exposed under the following headings:

  • The Makhzen threats against Algeria;

  • The issue of Western Sahara;

  • The Moroccan offensive in Africa;


These revelations confirm that Morocco still consider Algeria as its exclusive strategic enemy. In this vein, it sets, in motion, an elaborated, coherent and major  strategy to destroy Algeria, but the Moroccan monarchy strike force is not related to their individuality; it is conceded by alliances which it has consented by shouldering the responsibility of loyal subcontractor for the benefit of some ones and the appointed lady in waiting to benefit of others.

The Saharawi issue, has, through force of circumstances, become a place of over-determination; it seems condensing all the enmities that the Makhzen helps   in the place of Algeria, but it is not through this issue that we must envisage the regional leadership issue; the opposite is the case, i.e. The Western Sahara issue must be treated through the prism of hegemony issue in a regional plan. It is this reversal of the determination meaning, caused by the current geostrategic turnarounds; that the Makhzen seems integrating in its strategy to hit Algeria, as we testify the content of Moroccan official documents disclosured by Chris Coleman. What are the reasons of Moroccan turbulence? What does Morocco look for by multiplying acts of animosity and aggressiveness against Algeria?