THE NISGS 02 (2015)
  1. Various aspects of the Moroccan diplomacy, as the activities and financing pro-Moroccan lobby acting even in the highest spheres of the UN institutions, mafia methods (corruption, bribery, etc.), strategies and plans of Moroccan actions to obstruct the way for implementing UN resolutions (security Council), especially those related to the reports of special mechanisms of Human rights Council.

  2. The GDSR cooperation, external secret service of the Makhzen with the Israeli secret service and payment of American, French and Italian journalists to convince the American public opinion that the Polisario Front had links with the "jihadist terrorism "as well as the involvement of some Moroccan personalities with American Jewish organizations for only favoring the Morocco’s interests in the conflict, opposing it to the Saharawi Republic.


The documents disclosured by COLEMAN show that any Moroccan foreign policy and GDRS activity focused on the Western Sahara issue. The Makhzen tries to delude into believing that the real belligerence is the one confronting it to Algeria; the SADR leaders and Polisario Front are, according to it, only «the forced" of the Algiers’ ruling power.

They further divulge all the maneuvers, the Moroccan political and diplomatic scheming to thwart all steps initiated by Algeria to resolve the Saharawi dispute, in accordance with the UN resolutions, so that Morocco shoulders the full responsibility on the non issue resolution in abeyance decades ago, and to destabilize it by declaring a veritable "cannabis war," stirring up internal conflicts, manipulating and financing any kind of activists, such as the " Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylie "(MAK).

The hacker has further revealed the implicit aspects of UN provisional renunciation of their request to expand the UNMRWS mandate for Human Rights at the UN Security Council.